Easy Business Plan for Photographers

March 15th, 2021

Business Plan for Photographers

Take it from a person who's in the biz: good photographers are in demand everywhere. Starting your own photography business takes talent, planning, and passion. Check out my simple yet practical business plan tips. I hope my experience helps beginner photographers succeed.

Focus on One Niche

You can't do it all. If you enjoy interacting with people and you're good at organizing, like me, do special events. If you prefer taking pictures of landscapes, go with stock or real estate photography. Whatever you do, there is one rule: commit to doing it well. I learn a lot, both at workshops and on my own.

Write an Executive Summary

Ok, this is a hard one for creatives. I struggled at first, but it helped me see the big picture and manage my money better. Your startup should be crystal clear, from mission to scaling up. Write about your services, prices, investments, and profit. Use your competitors’ information as a baseline.

Research and Copy

Observe what similar photographers in your area do and copy their process. When I attended events, I kept my eye on the photographer, which later helped me create my work process. See what already works on the market as a standard, from the equipment they use to the prices they charge.

Buy the Equipmen

The camera, lenses, accessories will be your biggest investment. Get a car early on to protect your tools and stay punctual. Don't be afraid to take a bank loan if you need funding. If a bank can't help, a payday loan is a short-term solution. I thought I would cover all my major costs with my first loan, but unexpected expenses caught me off-guard. I borrowed again, and I am ready to take another loan if I need to. It pays off in the long run.

Invest in Marketing

Set up a marketing strategy to attract more customers. People need to know you before they can trust you. Post pictures of yourself editing or funny behind-the-scenes snippets. Showcase your range of services through examples. I love interacting with my followers in my free time, and my social media channels help me understand my clients better.

Do the Math

Will you get the return on your investment? What is your income after tax? How will you grow? Answer these questions with math. Passion and hard work will do the rest. Good luck to all the young professionals out there! Feel free to check the common questions section on my blog and follow me for more updates and tips.