Super Offer! Financing Photography & Gear

Nov 19th, 2020

I've been getting many questions from beginner photographers who can't afford the equipment they need. There are tons of solutions out there. I found reliable sources, and I’m happy to share my secrets.

As a beginner photographer, I collaborated with three companies to get the funds I needed. First, I took on an option called a 5,000 loan no credit check from BadCreditCashASAP. I didn't have a credit history, so I could not take a bank loan. But I had a job and a dream. I stumbled upon a blog post from BadCreditCashASAP and filled out an application for a loan. I got approved in an hour, and I had the money in my account the next day. I bought my first Nikon DSRL camera and started taking my first orders. Due to my simple yet effective business plan and enough orders, repaying my loan was easy.

I am half-Canadian, and I often take work in Quebec when I’m at my grandparents’. Around a year after my first loan, I benefited from Henry's plan to upgrade my camera. I got financing at 0% interest and no admin fee. Thanks to Henry's, I switched to Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, then sold my old camera and purchased more gear. Henry's has great deals for professional photographers; I managed to save almost 40% on my new equipment. Their staff is knowledgeable and so very nice!

Now I am the proud owner of a quality lenses collection, which I got through Canon Financial Services' financing plan. I am paying monthly installments for the products I am already using. Their program helps me manage my other expenses and pay my assistants. Leasing is another service Canon provides, and I intend to take advantage of it soon.

Thank you, BadCreditCashASAP, Henry's, and Canon, for making my dreams come true. I am a better professional thanks to your accessible programs. To any photographer looking for financing plans, I wholeheartedly recommend all three companies.