What To Wear?

December 7th, 2019

What NOT to wear??

I do not like it when you are wearing the same color – I like you to be in the same color scheme. I do not like too much white – unless it is super cool dress. White on white is the worst – you guys mesh together especially if the sun hits you. I do not like too much black – unless it is a cute black dress – black pants are good. No black on black!I like bold colors instead of pale colors.

Bring props – I want to capture what you love. Bring your dog – and treats. Bring a cool chair, car, BIKE!

Bring the coolest stuff you own – the stuff you love because you will love the photos more if you do.

I love vintage clothes and props.

Vests, suspenders – all the clothes you bought for a special occasion – this is it!

I know I buy things all the time thinking I’m going to wear it… and I never do. Cool clothes for dressing up – clothes with really bright colors – they will look super awesome!

You two are the models for the day!

The last thing that I want you to wear is the classic white shirt and jeans where everyone is matching.

Who are you? What are you into?