July 21st, 2019

erica berger

Hello! Thank you for taking your time to browse through my photography. My name is Erica Berger and I am based out of San Francisco. I bring a high level of energy to every shoot. I am a young, fresh wedding photographer – I like to have fun and create images that highlight your love in the most beautiful way.

As you can see my style is modern – I like bright colors and intense black and whites. I love to pose people, and I love to capture the day as it unravels. I have been editing and taking images for over five years. I have training in graphic design and a love for New Media and photography. I shoot with top of the line equipment and take pride in delivering you images that will WOW you! I hope to hear from you soon so we can meet and talk ALL about your day.

Engagement Sessions: These are so much fun. I shoot three hours before sunset. I have a bunch of places that I like to go to. I like to get out of the city a lot and travel up to the North Bay. There I go to Marin Headlines and towns near that area. I also like city shoots for a more urban feel. CLOTHES! Wear something adorable and have him compliment you. Bring extra clothes, hats, gloves, cute things! Make sure you can walk in your shoes because I like to go on adventures.

Trash The Dress: I admit it – I LOVE these shoots. It does not mean that you have to TRASH your dress. It is also called out of place wedding photography. I have shot in the streets, in the subways, on bridges. I have also trashed a dress in lakes, ponds and the ocean. I am open to cool ideas!

After the wedding: You will receive the photographs up to three months later. Please send me your address asap so I can send them out as soon as they are ready. Make sure to download and backup your discs because once they are in your hands we are no longer responsible for them. Please pick out 40 photographs for the album and make sure you highlight your favorite five photographs – these will be full size in the album. After you send me the photographs you like I will design the album and you will get it in the mail two months later.

More about me…. well..

I was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Westchester. I had a great childhood – I went to private schools and really got a chance to get my hands in the yearbook. That is when fell in love with graphic design and photography. I came out to California four years ago and went to the Academy of Art and studied New Media Designs. I knew that was not my nitch! As soon as I learned that wedding photography was everything fell into place. I love it – I love the people and energy. I love the beauty and love.

What else about me??? I am super close to my family!

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